blend soapy water to clean your blender!

here's a nice little trick we've been using to make cleaning go MUCH faster: blend soapy water to clean your blender


this tip includes 2 vital things.

the first tip to cleaning your blender is that you MUST do it right away! have you ever left your blender all day and it got all crusty and was such a pain to clean? yeah, don't do that. this tutorial doesn't help you with that. take 20 seconds to clean your blender, you'll thank me later. 

the second tip to cleaning your blender is to blend soapy water. since you're taking 20 seconds and cleaning your blender right after making a delicious pineapple mango banana smoothie, this will be so easy. Right after your pour your delicious blended thing into a cup, grab a little bit of dish soap and some water. Then stick that blender back on its little motor and give it another whirl. This will clean the blade and any random chunks that got stuck on it. (if you've ever blended spinach, you know what I'm talking about).

(oh and if you just decide to stick your whole blender in your dishwasher, ignore this whole thing. I'm afraid of those blades and don't want them hangin out in my dishwasher ready to stab me.) 

ok zee end!