frozen grapes - the perfect summer treat

Frozen grapes are delicious. I've been eating them since I was little and have loved them during every Texas summer. No, this isn't a recipe - because there is no recipe! It's just a reminder to eat these because they are fantastic.


Just put your (clean) grapes in the freezer! It's suggested to dry them off after washing so they don't stick together in the freezer - but ain't nobody got time fo that, especially when we don't use paper towels in our house (gasp, weirdos, i know). I always have a thousand ice cube trays lying around, so last time I made some, I just stuck one in each little cube holder thingy. Pretty genius if ya ask me? Then when I want a nice treat, I just grab a hole tray and enjoy!


A lot of people like them frozen because:

-They have a different consistency (a nice icy chew, kinda like ice cream in a weird way?) -It's slower to eat them (I can eat 100000s of normal grapes in 5 minutes like nobody's business. They are also expensive. Here, you have to enjoy slowly!) -Some say they taste a little sweeter, but this may just be because you're eating them slower and enjoying the grapey taste :) -A very healthy snack! -PERFECT for the hot summer!

Go freeze some!