20 second hair twist - a tutorial

ahh- finally another tutorial! and this one is a hair tutorial! (sorry gentlemen... unless you're of the long-haired kind, and then the kind who like to twist it....) I learned this from my friend Sunee a couple of months ago --- I've been doing my hair like this a couple of times a week ever since. Every time my hair is in the twist, ladies always stop me and ask how I make it stay in a twist....hairspray? unicorn tears? magic? Because if you ever attempted to just twist 2 pieces together when you were younger, you know it DOES NOT STAY. SO - I'm sharing the trick here today.

20 second hair twist


As you know, I'm all about simplicity and NOT spending tons of time on things. I've got too many other things I'd rather be doing! Don't worry - this follows that completely. (duh Lauren, it's called the 20 second hair twist, it better be easy!)

Step 1:

Separate your hair into two pieces and twist both pieces the same direction. Clockwise is fine, or both counterclockwise - just do the same twisting direction!


Step 2: 

Twist those two sections TOGETHER now in opposite directions. If this confuses you, hold one piece stationary and wind the other piece around it. Or if that confuses you, hold the two pieces in your hands and just interchange them between your hands in a clockwise motion. And if you're still confused - you're outta luck, my friend.


Keep twisting them together until you're at the bottom. Then just put a hair tie around them and you're set! You might need to pull it a little at the top to make it even, but it's suuuuuuper simple and easy. If it looks messy in a couple hours - just redo it in 20 seconds! No hairspray, no bobby pins, no unicorn tears sadly, although I'm sure that would also help.


go impress your friends with your twistin' skills. & this is great for doing at night time and waking up to fun curls!

also - ignore my really really damaged blonde hairs. they need to all be cut off but i'm too attached to it for now. and you're getting the smallest sampling of the smallest lil baby bump! still looks like a food baby :)