giveaway - 3 soy candles (the scents of your choosing!)

Ahhh, the weather is finally getting somewhat cooler. And by cooler, I mean the high is only 92 today and it's October 3rd. Hooray. BUT HEY - that "cold front" we're getting means we can start shipping our candles again! Since our candles are made of soy, they would just melt in the mail if we shipped them in the summertime. Then you'd get a liquid candle arrived to you, which would be hilarious and really messy. So we stopped shipped them from April until October. Now you may get your candle fix again.

To celebrate, we're doing a giveaway for THREE soy candles! And the winner gets to pick what scents they will receive.

Pick from scents like unicorn puke, crazy cat lady, wino, butt naked, pumpkin addict, and many other ridiculous options.


We're trying out a different system for entering our giveaways - hopefully it's easier on both you and us! You have SIX different ways to enter - all super easy.

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and the giveaway is over! Congrats to our winner Mary!