store headphones in a mint container

If this lil' idea helps no one but myself, that's ok. Josiah thought I was kinda a freak for being excited about it. But every time I travel, I just shove my headphones in my backpack or purse, and they end up getting smushed at the bottom and a huge tangly mess. (yes, I know there's life hacks out there for keeping your headphones tangle free. This isn't about that. This is just concerning WHERE my headphones stay!)

I had this cool container from ginger mints that I absolutely loved and was holding onto because it was a pretty orange.

Why not.... keep my headphones in there??!


Now if they end up at the bottom of my purse, I don't have to worry about them getting squashed. They'll be safe in their little box - and they are less likely to get tangly because they are all snug!

If you already have your own way of storing your headphones - awesome. If not, keep the container next time you buy mints! (and if this helps you, then yay, my blog post was a success!)