New candle scents!

We've been working SUPER hard on candles these days. We've created some great new names and scents - and we hope you think they are great too! Plus they are now in a buncha stores all around the US. Here's all of the different soy candles we'll be offering this holiday season: (available in our online shop and in our retail shop in Austin!)

In no particular order (because listing them alphabetically would only be common sense and we're much too odd for that):

  • unicorn puke

  • crazy cat lady

  • pumpkin addict

  • nerd alert

  • hippie scent

  • coffee fix

  • blue

  • cool as a cucumber

  • the nose knows

  • the bee's knees

  • smarty pants

  • puppy love

  • king of farts

  • queen of farts

  • cuddles

  • clean freak

  • peachy keen

  • la-la land

  • baked bread

If you're wondering what any of the scents are, go check out their descriptions in our online shop! Wanting one that all women go crazy for? Check out the nose knows. Needing all the pumpkin you can get this season? Pumpkin addict. Know someone who's too smart for their own good? Smarty pants. Love the smell of coffee but it's a little too late for caffeine? Coffee fix. WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED FOR EVERY SITUATION.

Plus they burn for 70+ hours, which is just plain ridiculous. And it's $6 flat rate shipping for any amount of candles ya buy.

Etsy Craft Party: Austin

We're hosting (for the 2nd year in a row!) an Etsy Craft Party! Etsy is asking people all over the world to host craft parties on the same day. We will be creating some awesome projects using old photographs. We'll provide materials and funny quirky old photo like the one below.

No need to print out a ticket - any and all are free to come! Please RSVP via facebook or eventbrite just so we know how many to expect.

More details to come on the event pages!

Mark your calendars for June 6 - - whether you're here in Austin or not! If you're not here in Austin, try to find one in your city (or create your own party!).

not taking pictures in the delivery room.

Greta Rosemary is HERE! She was born on March 5. It's been a crazy couple of weeks adjusting to life with a newborn. She's fantastic - - and also a little exhausting! Josiah and I decided to NOT take pictures in the delivery room - or even for the first 12 hours! And we don't regret it one bit!

Here's some reason's why....

1. We got to ENJOY THE MOMENT. (oh no, our first picture of her is when she's already 12 hours old, not 2 minutes. Will we survive?) We just got to look at her, laugh and cry I'm sure (it's kinda all a blur), and be together as a new family of 3. I'm normally pretty "social media obsessed" so it was really nice to slow down for once and not post on facebook/instagram about her being born until the next morning. That first night was really exciting (and I also ate what at the time seemed like the best sandwich of my life) and it was great to put away our phones/camera.

2. No stress on Josiah to take that "perfect picture" of us in the first 10 minutes. I'm the photographer of the family, yet I'm also the one who cares more about having a great photo to share with everyone. If I tried to have Josiah take a photo, I would've gotten super stressed at him about lighting and camera settings and getting it from a good angle. Let's wait until everything's a bit calmer and when I can take them myself, shall we?

3. I don't want/need bloody pictures of her. My mom doesn't have any of me bloody and I'm not all torn up about it. I'd  prefer to see Greta all clean and perfect. If you like those bloody/mucusy photos, more power to ya. If Greta wonders later what she looked like when she was born, I'll tell her to google and find some fresh out newborns, and pretend they are her.

4. No crappy iphone photos. No matter how good they make camera phones, photos are always better with a nice regular camera. A lot of the time, phone photos end up dark, blurry, super small, or just all around terrible. Since we waited to take photos, I got to get out my nice camera the next morning when everything was WAY calmer and we had slept a little. Then we had a nice, non-blurry photo of Greta to send to family and friends announcing her arrival.

Our favorite reason? The first one - - just being in the moment and forgetting about all social media.

All that being said, I totally respect anyone's decision to take photos right away. We just loved NOT doing so :)

And here's our photo we shared with everyone of our little stinker - 12ish hours old!