world's best mom wax melts - LIMITED EDITION

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world's best mom wax melts - LIMITED EDITION

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World's Best Mom! This smells like a sweet acai berry shampoo - with a bit of lemon, strawberry, and rose. This is for you. Or your mom. Or your grandma. Or your bff who is a mom. Or a cat mom. You're all the world's best!

This is available for a limited time -- Mother’s Day is May 12! We’d recommend buying this before May 3rd to insure delivery!

Each melt comes in 6 little cubes to break apart with more than 2.4oz total of great smelling wax. They can be melted in a tea light melter or electric wax warmer (see the “warmer” section on our site for some we sell!)

Shipping is a flat $3 for up to 3 packs of wax melts. Then it’s a flat $6.95 for everything in your cart, including candles and warmers!

We ship items within one week of purchase (but usually much sooner!).
The melts are also for sale at our retail shop, The Burlap Bag, in Austin, Texas.

**Here’s what customers have said about Stay Fresh:
-This is my FAVE candle so far!
-I love the crisp, clean smell!
-I love it! It reminds me of the scent right after it rains!
-Literally my two favorite smells in the world (eucalyptus & spearmint)
-Smells divine

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