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Expert Dog Petter - Room Spray

Expert Dog Petter - Room Spray

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This scent is a great mix of cherry and almond - it’s seriously one of our new all-time favorite scents!

Spray 2-4 times in the air as needed - in your bathroom, car, kitchen, etc. Spray is body safe. Do not spray on fabric.

Each room spray is in a 2oz amber glass jar. They are hand poured in Austin, Texas in small batches to ensure quality. 

Shipping is a flat $6.95 for as many products as you'd like! We ship items within one week of purchase (but usually much sooner).


🎉 What customers are saying:

  • The Burlap Bag has outdone themselves once again!
  • Nostalgic and delicious.
  • I was so excited (about the name) I forgot to smell it. Then I smelled it and I loved it even more!
  • I love that the scent is a subtle gentle perfect mix of cherry and almond! I almost sense a bit of vanilla in there too?? It's light and smells yummy and is perfect year-round!
  • Okay but is this a candle scent or actually my resume?
  • This smells as good and cozy as watching British baking shows. It brought the smell of a Bakewell tart into my home
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