Here's a few of our favorite reviews and comments y'all have had about our candles!

(sorry there's so many! You guys have such nice things to say!)

"I've had my Unicorn Puke candle for a while now, and I LOVE IT. The scent is strong, and I want that in a candle. So many candles only smell good when you bury your face nearly in the wax. Very clean burning, and I don't have to scoop out a wax build up since it's soy and just burns up! I've used it many times, and it still isn't even half way burnt through, while my other traditional wax candles have thoroughly worn themselves out. It even burns brighter!!! Definitely purchasing more candles from here!!!"

"I bought "unicorn puke" and I loved it! The 9 oz. candle lasted me forever. The smell is absolutely amazing and I don't even have to be near the candle to smell it. I can't believe that small jar lasted me as long as it did. Will definitely re-order unicorn puke, and try out a few others."

"It is amazing how much the "baked bread" candle smells like bread! None of that sweet-cake crap, actual sandwich bread!"

"Customer service is 100%!"

"I've come across these awesome candles a couple of times now at Luxe downtown and again at the Blue Elephant on 38 1/2th last night. I really, really love the quality of these candles which is truly better than so many others (plus the names are hilarious and memorable). They smell so good; King of Farts is my favorite. (Can't believe I just wrote that)."

"I really benefit from aromatherapy as daylight decreases so again, I'm happy to find candles that are incredible and not $60 a pop. I can't quite put into words what good it does when smell triggers memory but you get the idea."

"Thanks for making such superior candles!"

"Love these candles. Went to Austin and found them and now I'm shipping them to Houston! Can't get enough."

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I love your candles! I'd seen and smelled your candles once before at the Blue Genie Christmas Bazaar, but it was just a few days ago at the new Austin Central Library that I made my first purchase: Nerd Alert. 
It smells beautiful, burns so well, and is just lovely all around! I'm now a huge fan and look forward to buying more of these in the future, especially for the upcoming holiday season. Knowing that the purchases at the library benefit the community is a huge bonus. 
As a maker myself (I love to knit and crochet), I know how important it is to get feedback about thoughtfully well-made products which enhance your life or create joy in some way. So, thank you! Keep it up and know you have another fan. I look forward to visiting your shop soon, too!"

"I never buy things online, I'm so against it. But I purchased this candle (baked bread) at a store in Minneapolis called The Electric Fetus and I love it! I don't have time to make it to the city right now so I decided to check and see if y'all have a website! To my delight, you do and I'm so happy to give you my business and spread the word on the great quality of your products! Keep up the great work!"

"I love your candles and your shop is great."

"We bought 3 of your candles when we were in Waco for Silobration and we love them!!! So excited to try this one! :)"

"Hi - just want you to know I found the Hippie Scent candle in a store in Austin and am in love. Nothing smells better. I'm trying Cuddles since it seems similar to other scents I like. I hope you guys expand to NYC one day! We have tons of holiday markets with candle vendors and yours would put theirs to shame!"

"I found you through one of our local businesses in Excelsior, MN called Buck + Fur (which has now sadly gone out of business). Your cucumber candle is the stuff dreams are made of! I haven't been able to find anything like it. And what better day to buy from you than on small business Saturday! You guys are amazing!"

"Hi! I met you and your -kah-yute family at silobration last month and picked up a Unicorn Puke candle.
A) it's like the BEST candle EVER (and I'm SUPER picky :) )
B) everyone that's been over when it's been burning is like, "WHAT is that GLORIOUS smell?!"
So C) I was wondering if you ever make your candle scents in larger jars? I got the 9oz and would obviously love a 100oz but that might be pushing it. :) Love following y'all on Insta - so excited to finally try your candles for the first time! Yay!"

"I bought your crazy cat lady candle in store years ago, glad I found you online!! Just wanted to say I bought the sleepy squad candle while on a vacation in Austin. Love it so much I'm getting myself a replacement out west in California and giving two away as gifts!"


"We really enjoy your candles and have been ordering since we moved from Austin. Happy Holidays! My daughter bought me the clean freak candle in the fall and I love it! I am addicted to the gimme coffee candle. I blame you."

"Love your candles, especially Hippie Scent! Looking forward to sharing these scents as gifts this Christmas!"

"I ran across two of your candles randomly at my HEB. I'm in love! Hippie scent is amazing. I love it! And the pumpkin addict smells great too. I will be buying. Thank you!!!"

"Love your candles so much! Thanks for the sale!!!"

"Thank you guys so much for creating such unique candles! Also, love keeping up with y’all on Instagram" ️

"Just wanted to say hello from NYC. i used to live in ATX and i miss being able to purchase these from my fav boutiques. thank you!"

"I am not one to write reviews (tho I love reading them) but I just have to make a pause to congratulate you guys for such an amazing quality candles. I'm a candle snob and have been blessed enough to try very expensive ones; however I can honestly say that NONE compare to yours. When I came across my Hippie Scent, never did I ever imagine that I'd be hooked! At the moment of purchase I had no idea the company was established in good ol' Austin TX, which is definitely a plus being from San Antonio. I have told all my friends (and even random people at HEB) about  your product; I'm a walking billboard! LOL!!!"

"Please continue this labor of love. You guys are freaking AWESOME!"

"Hi! Love this scent, please never stop making it!!! <3 <3 (hippie scent)"

"I bought both the coffee and baked bread ones and absolutely love them. They burn clean and smell like the real thing. They are particularly good to have around in the kitchen and when guests are coming over. I would definitely recommend them and will buy again."

"You guys are awesome!! P.S. Post more pics of Carrots & Turnip."

"Thanks for being so awesome!!"

"Your candles are the JAM!!"

"Love your candles and my 16 year old daughter used hers at a Chinese Christmas last night and they were fighting over it lol. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Many blessings in the new year"

"Thank you! Love your candles, had the chance to meet you at the Silobration back in October :)"

"We all fell in love with your candles while we were in Waco last year so I thought this would be a nice reminder of a fun trip :)"

"We love the hippie scent candle, our local HEB carried your candles for a bit and we were lucky enough to have picked up a couple to try. We are hooked!"

 "We got them and they smell amazing!! baked bread burning in the kitchen. and mermaid magic in the living room! The packaging is too pretty so I didn't open the personalized candle i got for the fiance yet but i'm sure it's amazing too! THANK YOU"

"Had to order another one of these!! They smell amazing and I mean, come on .. the jar itself is just awesome (unicorn puke)"

"I picked up this candle at my HEB. Hippie scent has got be one of the best smelling candles I've ever bought! 

"You're a wizard, Harry. Smells f***** delish"

"Do you truly live in Austin though if you don't have at least one candle from the burlap bag?"

"I'm obsessed with you guys' candles. They're amazing gifts for out of towners and an even better way to spoil myself"

"I love your Hippie Scent so I'm buying more. I love how I can actually smell your candles throughout my house and the smell lingers after I've blown it out. I first found your candles on flicker box and I have now canceled them just so I can try all of your candles!! I can't wait. They have burned the longest and smell truly the best!!"

"Love your packaging/product!"

"Hi! I got one of your candles as a Christmas present and absolutely love it."

"Found these at a cute boutique in Rochester, NY and had to get them for my bridal party - they smell so delish!"

“I love king of farts! I got it at West of Camden”

"Thank you ! We loved hippie scent so much we are going to give one as a gift :)"

"I already have the crazy cat lady candle my sis got me and it's lasted forever."

“The nose knows” burns and smells wonderful."

"I’m mega excited.. this is my favorite scent of y’all’s, and I just finished the last one I bought last year. (shiplap)".