Yes! You can earn points for placing an order, writing a product review, celebrating a birthday, following us on Instagram, and liking us on Facebook. You can then redeem points as a discount on a future purchase. Learn more about the Rewards Program.

Each candle comes within a gift box (not gift wrapped). The wax melts don't come in gift boxes.

If you'd like us to leave a note within the package, please write it within the "note from customer".

Yes we think so! We've tested everything to ensure great smells for your home. There's several factors that go into how a candle will burn in your home, such as: room size, air flow, ceiling height, and even the humidity outside! Please never leave a lit candle unattended.

That being said, a funky candle does happen occasionally. If you're not fully satisfied then please contact us and we'll fix the problem - Lauren@theburlapbag.com

We suggest burning the 9oz jars for about 3 to 4 hours at a time for maximum scent release and even wax levels. Also you should trim the wick to 1/4 inch each time before lighting.

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Smelly Club is a monthly candle subscription. Every month you can look forward to a surprise soy candle delivered to your door. A brand new scent every month!

A wax melt comes in 6 little cubes which break apart and consist of 2.4oz total of great smelling wax. They can be melted in a tea light melter or electric wax warmer. There’s no wick involved!

A room spray is in a 2oz amber jar. It's perfect for spraying in the bathroom, your car, kitchen, or such. They are body safe and have over 400 sprays per bottle.

You can carry our products on an airplane. Please note that TSA will probably stop your bag and want to look inside the candle. Gel candles (which ours are not) are not allowed on an airplane and so they are checking to make sure it’s a solid wax candle.

If you want to avoid issues, we suggest storing the candles within your luggage if it’s not too hot outside. Be sure to carefully wrap it since the jar is made of glass.

Whoops! Please contact us and we'll fix the problem - Lauren@theburlapbag.com

Oh no! If your shipment was returned to us due to the wrong address or other issue, then you must pay the full shipping price again if you’d like us to resend it. Otherwise we can refund the cost of your purchase (minus the original shipping charge).

Yes but it's usually expensive due to the heavy box. Also we are not responsible for any duty feeds or currency conversions. Please contact us for a shipping quote - Lauren@theburlapbag.com

Yes, please read our refund policy.