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Baked Bread - Soy Candle 9oz

Baked Bread - Soy Candle 9oz

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This candle smells just like baked bread - delicious, warm, yeasty, buttery bread. Hungry yet?

Each candle is in a 9oz amber glass jar with a black metal lid and a wax weight of 7.2oz. They have a 50+ hour burn time and are made from all natural US soy beans. All candles are hand poured in Austin, Texas in small batches to ensure quality.

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🎉 What customers are saying:

  • Baked bread is my #1 fav
  • Baked Bread is the best thing ever and you'll never want to buy any other candle ever again.
  • One of my favorite smells
  • This is the BEST!
  • Baked bread is my favourite candle evvvvvver!
  • This is an amazing scent!
  • I love this candle more than life.
  • I'm obsessed with this candle and how real it smells. Thank you for making it
  • Had no idea baked bread could be replicated in candle form!!
  • trying to make baked bread our signature house scent!!
  • Love this baked bread candle
  • Baked Bread is the best candle ever!!!!
  • My all-time fav will always be Baked Bread <3
  • This is my favorite candle and I'm giving them as gifts!
  • This candle is my life, thank you for it.
  • Everyone one I've ever gifted Baked Bread to has *loved* it! Always good to have as a last-minute gift.
  • The baked bread candle is by far my favorite! My boyfriend and I had a sandwich dinner date and used the baked bread candle to make it feel like we were eating at a bakery.
  • Your Baked Bread candle is TO DIE FOR and I’ve never found anything else like it, please never discontinue it
  • It is amazing how much the "baked bread" candle smells like bread! None of that sweet-cake crap, actual sandwich bread!
  • Baked bread is my favorite scent. There’s no other candle out there quite like yours.
  • My absolute favorite scent ever!
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