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Classic 3-pack - Large Soy Candles 16oz

Classic 3-pack - Large Soy Candles 16oz

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This is a pack of three candles and you get to pick what scents you’d like to receive! Since this is at a bulk price, you’re getting the candles for $29 each instead of their normal $32 each.

Here’s your scent options:

  • Artsy Fartsy - smells like french vanilla ice cream with slices of pear
  • Baked Bread - smells like warm, yeasty, buttery baked bread
  • Best Smell Ever - smells like satsuma, guava, and papaya
  • Blanket Fort - smells like raspberries, plum and vanilla
  • Bossy Pants - smells like citrus, coconut, and cardamom
  • Clean Freak - smells like rosemary and fig
  • Crazy Cat Lady - smells like grapefruit
  • Cuddles - smells like amber, sandalwood, musk, and vanilla
  • Expert Dog Petter - smells like cherry and almond
  • Gimme Coffee - smells like espresso with a tad bit of sugar and cream
  • Greetings From Austin - smells like vetiver (an earthy/woodsy grass scent) with a touch of lemon and sandalwood
  • Happy Stinkin' Birthday - smells like birthday cupcake
  • Hippie Scent - smells like patchouli, sandalwood, citrus, and lavender
  • King of Farts - smells like tobacco and wood notes
  • Mermaid Magic - smells like sea salt and driftwood
  • Night Owl - smells like pomegranate mixed with orange, vanilla, and cinnamon
  • Plant Person - smells like green vines, leaves, tomatoes, and basil
  • Sleepy Squad - smells like lavender and sage
  • Someone in Texas Loves Me - smells like cactus and pear nectar with notes of fresh florals and agave sugar
  • Spoonful of Cereal - smells like fruity kid breakfast cereals
  • Texas Y'all - smells like sweet iced tea
  • The Bee's Knees - smells like oatmeal and honey
  • Unicorn Puke - smells like cotton candy
  • Warm Cookies - smells like cookies straight from the oven
  • You're a Wizard - smells like butter beer

Each candle is double wicked and in a 16oz amber glass jar with a black metal lid and a wax weight of 13oz. They have a 60+ hour burn time and are made from all natural US soy beans. All candles are hand poured in Austin, Texas in small batches to ensure quality.

Shipping is a flat $6.95 for as many products as you'd like! We ship items within one week of purchase (but usually much sooner).

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L. (Palm Coast, Florida)
Love the larger size option!

I love that I am able to get my favorite smells in a larger size without any compromise to the scent or throw!