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Spooky Season - Soy Candle 9oz

Spooky Season - Soy Candle 9oz

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Spooky Season - A complex blend of scents including saffron, pepper, and smoky patchouli make this smell perfect to get spooky in October.

Each candle is in a 9oz amber glass jar with a black metal lid and a wax weight of 7.2oz. They have a 50+ hour burn time and are made from all natural US soy beans. All candles are hand poured in Austin, Texas in small batches to ensure quality.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Katherine Cargill (Buda, Texas)
    Halloween's Candle

    The Spooky Season Candle is another great candle for the Halloween season. Great candle to get into the Spooky Season.

    A.F. (Omaha, Nebraska)
    Halloween IS cool

    You know those nights in autumn when you crack the windows open to let in the crisp breeze? Have this burning when you do it! This scent pairs amazingly well with the crisp fall air. It reminds me of scary ghost stories told around a warm fire. There is a slightly smoky aroma to this, but it is not in any way overpowering (I am not a huge fan of smoky smells, and I like this one). Definitely a great one to have burning on Halloween night!

    T.W. (Philipsburg, Pennsylvania)
    Perfect for Halloween

    I got this candle as part of smelly club, and it's like a more grown up scent from your typical fall candles. It's smokey and spicy, and it smells like what watching a horror movie is n the middle of October would be. Burlap bag cannot make a bad scent, so you will not be disappointed!

    V.L. (Livingston, New Jersey)
    I HATE patchouli!!!

    When I tell you I hate patchouli, I really mean it! It's cloying and awful! But when I got this as a Smelly Club and opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised... The scent is perfectly balanced, it works so well it's spooky!